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© 2023 Tom Handy




© 2024 Tom Handy

Super Kitchen

Various EP cover artworks created over 5 years for the club-music focused record label, Super Kitchen.

I was one of the founding members of the label during my university years, and was responsible for all creative direction, as well as the design of the logo mark.


I thoroughly enjoyed taking the visual style of the label in my own direction. That opportunity resulted in some of my most formative works, defining the direction of my own creative practice and stylistic identity.

You can find these artworks and more in the Super Kitchen back catalog on Bandcamp here.

Logo animation used for club visuals and video overlays

EP artwork for "Placebo" by LIMA

EP artwork for "Warp Skin" by Drum Thing

EP artwork for "Escape" by Nara

Record covers for "Rhythm Foundation" and "Stutterwerx"

The Super Kitchen logo

EP artwork for "Azure" by LIMA

EP artwork for "Agua Sin Gas" by Noire - I 3D scanned Jack's head for this one

EP artwork for "Thirteen" by LIMA and SYN

Studio 43

A series of explorative 3D renderings and animations based around the Studio 43 logo mark.


I use these logo experiments as opportunities to push the limits of what I can do in terms of scene composition, lighting and rendering. I find it to be a great way of consolidating newly learnt techniques.

I have worked at Studio 43 since 2016; first as a CAD/3D print technician, and now primarily a fabrication-focused digital artist, responsible for digital sculpting, technical CAD design and concept illustrations and animations.

I also built the Studio 43 website, which you can see here.

A still rendering of the Studio 43 logo as if it were carved from polystyrene

The Studio 43 logo built out of scaffolding, being deconstructed and reconstructed in a loop. A dynamic physics simulation experiment.

Alternate typographic version of the Studio 43 logo, with a distinctly graphic rendering style

Hand-drawn isometric illustration of the Studio 43 logo built from scaffolding

Another motion graphics experiment - An animated loop of the Studio 43 logo with physics simulations

Baba Roga

A selection of animated marketing materials created for eco jewellery brand, Baba Roga. 

I worked closely with the Director, Liz, to establish a style of animation befitting her artistic vision for the brand. 

I also built the Baba Roga website, which you can see here.

A looping animation of the Baba Roga "Wraiths" collection ambiently floating in a dusky meadow scene

A looping animation of various Baba Roga rings colliding with a solid silver logo

A short animation of a Baba Roga necklace in flight


I'm Tom Handy, a UK-based 3D artist and Illustrator.

Scroll down to view projects

Still renderings of the Flunks included in the loop cycle (left)

A looping cycle of a selection of complete 2D Flunks

A looping cycle of a selection of complete 3D Flunk outfits

Flunks NFT

I have been acting lead artist at Flunks NFT since 2022, and was responsible for translating their original collection of pixel avatars into fully illustrated generative characters built from interchangeable layers.

After the successful completion of the illustrated avatars, I was tasked with evolving the collection even further, by taking it into the third dimension.


I modelled, textured and rigged an original 3D Flunks character along with all other collection assets (ie. hats, glasses, tops, bottoms, shoes, etc). 


The end product being an interactive browser experience where NFT owners can purchase different items and equip them to their unique animated character.

Jason Taylor

Digital renderings and animations from various projects undertaken at Studio 43 for Jason deCaires Taylor.


The visuals explore Jason's work through a digital lens; bringing the important topic of ocean conservation into the virtual world.


I worked alongside Jason to create original 3D models for his Ocean Sentinels project. These were digitally sculpted in Zbrush and then processed before being milled from PU foam and cast in concrete. The sculptures are now in an underwater museum near The Great Barrier Reef.


I was also provided scanned assets to use as a basis for various coral growth simulations.

A digital render of a sculpture concept in-situ

A close-up of simulated fire coral growth on the surface of one of Jason's 3D scanned sculptures

A seamlessly looping coral growth cycle on the surface of the XPRIZE logo

An animation created during the development of my coral growth simulations

The entire collection of digitally sculpted designs for Jason's "Ocean Sentinels"

Fire coral simulation on the surface of Jason's "Man on Fire" sculpture

A close-up turntable animation of one Ocean Sentinel


Various artworks created for global club-music DJ and producer, MINA.

I worked closely with Mina over the space of several years to create various EP covers and album artworks - most notably the album artwork for "Flight Paths". I am also responsible for designing the logo for Mina's record label, Earth Kicks. 

Album artwork for "Flight Paths" by Mina

EP cover for "Bota Nela" by Klap and Mina

Compilation artwork for "TRANCEHALL"

Logo design for Mina's record label, Earth Kicks

EP cover for "XYLA" by Champion and Mina

Personal works

A selection of self-initiated projects and individual artworks which I consider good examples of my creative and technical abilities.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help with your project!

Close up rendering of "End of The World"

Turntable animation of my sculpture "End of The World"

Close up rendering of "End of The World"

3. The same exhibit as a lovecraftian-inspired crime scene

Close up rendering of my first sculpture, title "End of The World"

1. A still life of a slightly amusing museum exhibit - first of a series

2. The same museum exhibit being buried in rods of light

Experimental work exploring lighting, materiality and character design

Compilation artwork for "TRANCEHALL"

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